Markuth is a god in Tiran; that said, he is the antithesis of the all other gods, including those of evil alignments.

When the world was first being formed, the Earth Mother birthed her children, The Gods, one by one to form and watch over the newly formed universe. The last God was stillborn, and as she mourned the death inside her and prepared to expel the stillborn deity into the Outer Darkness, it came to unlife and ripped it’s way out of her womb, wounding her.

The newly formed god stood over it’s mother, and seized the Reigns of Creation from her as she lay wounded. The other gods began to fight him, and threw him into the Outer Darkness, but were unable to save their mother. From her body they created Tiran.

During the War of Power, Markuth hid in the Outer Darkness, growing in bitterness and violent bloodlust. When his siblings had decided to end their fight and work through the newly created races, he burst forth from the Darkness at the head of a horde of demons and devils, the children of the Elder Gods who dwelt in the darkness still.

The following period, the Tribulation, ended in his defeat and exile to the southern landscape, in a divine prison.

His followers now are the Voidface barbarians, whose horrific acts could scarcely be called worship. He still bids for the Reigns of Creation, however, whenever the Reigns are being handed over to a new Empress. He marshalls his forces to run over the world until the next Empress takes the Reigns, resulting in the Horrific Days.


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