Voidface Barbarians

The Voidface Barbarians are a culture devoted not to evil, but to themselves and Markuth. They are only interested in their own individual power, and the mocking of everything held sacred by Atlantia.

They are called Voidface because of the black paint they adorn their faces with, in honor of Markuth’s Third Form. Other than that, a Voidface will be as pale as the snow and ice of his homeland.


The Voidface Barbarians have existed since the Great Exile. The southern landscape, with it’s harsh, unforgiving cold and massive beasts, bred only the most hearty and heartless people.

The legend goes, that when Markuth was banished to the Wasteland, he came upon the progenitor of the Barbarians, and showed him a way of life devoid of weakness, suffering or morality, where the individual and his power was only beholden to Markuth. The Blackface of today hold to it still.

Social Structure

The Voidface Barbarians still live like nomads within their landscape. Years of martial and magical training, and the systematic culling of any not able to hold their own, have made them formidable lords of the Waste. The most common encounter with a Voidface will be as a lone wanderer in the North, usually with a retinue of gnolls, goblinoids or undead. The Voidface are the ethnic group in Tiran most likely to adventure in distant lands, usually for the increase of their own power. Otherwise, Blackface bands operate like a rational pirate ship: the strongest, smartest and most powerful leads. Women choose their mates, and bands usually raise children in common amongst one another.


The Voidface make permanent monuments all the time in the Waste, usually to portray their own personal power, to lead a hoard from or conduct magical experiments in.

Enemies and Game Info

The Voidface are the enemies of every one else in Tiran. The Philosophers hate their lack of any moral fibre, the Free Kingdoms because of their complete disregard for the rights of others. The Atlantians are hated by the Voidface because of their Empress.

The Blackface barbarian is usually a sorcerer/wizard multiclass. They are almost always NE.

Voidface Barbarians

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