The following is an excerpt from the _Journeys of Sennath the Elder:

_The continent of Tiran consists of one large landmass, with several seas, dominated by two empires, Catonia and Atlantia. There are other realms, but these two overshadow them.

_Commentary by Jareth of the Free Kingdoms: It is not necessarily so in every aspect.

_The southern part of the continent ends in a great frozen wasteland, wherein it is believed the source of Evil, Markuth, has his abode. The northern part of the continent is warm and temperate. The eastern coast has three large peninsulas: Mainland Catonia, Alukathar, and Khyrion. They are all part of the Catonian empire, which extends down to the beginning of the wasteland.

The Western coast is a wild and rugged place, and home to several elven kingdoms. Toward the great southern landmass there is a large archipelago and the Sea of Agami. The land surrounding the sea is known as the Free Kingdoms.

_Commentary by Jareth of the Free Kingdoms: he does not mention, of course, the Upalas Isles and the Great Reach.

_In between the coasts there is a great sea that is nearly inland except for a 20 mile gap known as the Great Gate. The land surrounding this sea is Atlantia, the most dominant empire on the continent. On the northern coast, in between Atlantia and Catonia, is Havaston, which is situated around the Bay of Havaston.

To the south, in between Atlantia and the wasteland, there is Kierkegaard, a realm of barbarian chieftains, Soomas, another barbarian realm, and the Isle of Istus in the middle of the Sea of Darkness, which borders the wasteland to the south.

The wasteland is inhabited by the Voidface Barbarians, an incredibly hostile group whose allegiance lies to Markuth.

From Outer Darkness